A cabin for 2

Welcome to our wine village.
As our cabin guest you will enjoy the following –
Breakfast is served from 9:15am
Didi’s Kitchen Brioche, creamed spinach & poached egg / Feta cheese pastry and fried egg, spicy tomatoes, and sour cream.
Lunch is served around 2-3pm in the village courtyard. A tapas meal with Didi’s Kitchen freshly baked bread, cheese, sausage and fish, seasonal savory pastries and Tapas to perfectly complete Assaf wine experience.
In your cabin fridge you will find Light dinner snacks, goat and cow cheese, seasonal vegetables, bread, wine and more.
All you can drink wines throughout your stay.
A tour of the winery and guided wine tasting at 1pm on the day of your arrival

Please note
Our cabins are available on weekends for a minimum of 2 nights (Thursday to Saturday)
When you place your reservation, please make sure to fill in all required information.
In case of allergies or other special requests please let us know in advance to allow us the time needed to prepare accordingly.


Prices start at: 1,600 per night


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A cabin for 2 is available for selected dates.

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